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Serious complications from Essure®?                                            

Symptoms you may be experiencing with Essure®:


  • chronic fatigue
  • painful intercourse
  • excessive, painful menstrual bleeding
  • severe back and pelvic pain
  • autoimmune diseases



These are the following injuries that can occur:


  • embedded coil
  • scar tissue
  • removal of fallopian tubes
  • perforation of the uterus or fallopian tubes


Facts about Essure® System:


Originally conceived by Conceptus Inc., a subsidiary of Bayer AG, this device is as an alternative permanent birth control method for women that did not want to undergo surgical laparoscopic tubal ligation. The US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) granted Essure approval on November 4, 2002. Contraception of this kind is permanent and eliminates the need to use other forms of birth control, as well as avoiding any effect on the menstrual cycle.


However hundreds of women using this device experienced severe side effects and complications over time, including extreme pelvic and back pain or cramps that prevented them from performing daily activities, constant fatigue, heavy bleeding, headaches and weight gain. Other serious or even life-threatening complications and personal injuries included device migration and breakage that could lead to organ perforation, depression and suicidal thoughts, allergic reactions to nickel and the necessity for reoperation.


Are you eligible to receive compensation?


Patients who have had the Essure® System implanted, have legal recourse. The Curtis Law Group is an experienced pharmaceutical law firm that has secured large settlements against large pharmaceutical companies.

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