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          Have you taken Xarelto?   

You may be eligible for compensation.


Xarelto® may increase the risk for life-threatening side effects, including uncontrollable internal bleeding events.  Symptoms you may be experiencing:


  • Internal bleeding
  • Gastrointestinal or stomach bleed
  • Rectal or intestinal bleed
  • Stroke
  • Cerebral or brain hemorrhage
  • Epidural hematoma
  • Blood in urine or stool
  • Coughing up blood
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Death


Facts about Xarelto®:


Xarelto® (rivaroxaban) is a new type of anticoagulant introduced in 2011 by Janssen Pharmacuticals, and manufactured by Bayer.  It is hailed as superior to traditional anticoagulants (Warfarin and Heparin) because it does not require monthly blood tests and/or monitoring. 

In January 2014, the FDA issued a warning citing the increased risk of uncontrollable internal bleeding events associated with Xarelto®.

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