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Defective Pacemaker Leads

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Do you have a Defective Pacemaker?   

You may be eligible for compensation.


Facts about a Defective Pacemaker:


The defective design and manufacture of pacemaker lead wires puts cardiac patients at risk of severe injury. Pacemaker lead defects can cause the device to fire continuously or fail to fire altogether. The very device designed to save a patient's life can be the cause of death.

Device manufacturers vigorously defend against allegations of defect. They often try to hide behind the FDA, claiming immunity for devices previously approved by the FDA. This area of the law is hotly contested and constantly changing. For that reason, you need lawyers who keep on top of the law at all times.

You still have rights and you may have real legal options for seeking recovery if defective pacemaker leads caused your injury or the loss of a loved one. The knowledgeable and experienced attorneys of The Curtis Law Group have built a national reputation as a leading force in the fight to hold negligent medical product manufacturers to account.

We are not afraid of taking on the difficult cases. We are trial lawyers. We routinely take on Big Pharma and medical product manufacturers. We have the confidence, the resources and the experience to help you explore all your real options for obtaining the financial recovery you need after an injury or loss caused by defective pacemaker lead wires.


Are you eligible to receive compensation?


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