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Our law firm is a nationally-recognized leader in plaintiffs' personal injury trial law and has over 20 years experience nationwide.
Bad Drug Litigation
When prescription drugs injure consumers, we hold the drug makers accountable for the harm they cause.
Personal Injury
We have obtained substantial recoveries for people harmed by motor vehicle collisions, construction site accidents, and other catastrophic personal injuries.
Defective Medical Devices
Medical devices, like artificial hips and knees, can often fail and injure the patient. If you believe a medical device is faulty, we can investigate the device for defects.
Disability Insurance
When the insurance company breaks it's promise to protect you in the event of a disability, we hold them accountable.

Holding Drug-Makers Accountable

The Curtis Law Group gets results. We have a proven track record of holding drug makers accountable for over 20 years, and our success speaks for itself.  We fight for our clients from the very first interview all the way to the United States Supreme Court.   We are so committed to our clients, that we don't charge a fee unless we are successful with their case.

Our law firm is a nationally-recognized leader in plaintiffs' personal injury trial law. Our experienced Personal Injury Lawyers combine decades of experience and personal dedication to clients with a proven record of success in litigating complex and high-profile cases, specifically Accutane lawsuits and Zoloft lawsuits. Bill Curtis has built the firm’s reputation with successful verdicts, settlements, appeals and favorable decisions across the country.

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We handle the following types of lawsuits

Bad Drugs

Cataract ComplicationsRisperdalZoloft, Paxil and other SSRI drugs
ZofranLipitorNumerous Other Drugs

Other Practices

Personal InjuryDefective Pacemaker LeadsTransVaginal Mesh
Disability InsuranceDepuy Hip Implant

Above you will find just some of the drug cases that Curtis Law Group is working on, there are numerous other drugs that our bad drug lawyers can help you with. 


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Request a FREE consultation NOW.  We don’t get paid until YOU get paid.  Curtis Law Group serves clients nationwide and we win cases.  To discuss the harm this dangerous drug or medical device may have caused you and your family, call us toll free at 800.890.7449.  You may also contact us by email now for prompt attention to your questions.

These are the words from one of our many happy clients...

"When an air compressor exploded at the manufacturing plant where I worked, cast iron shrapnel blew through a cinder block wall and into the left side of my body. I'll never be the same, but Bill Curtis was there for me and helped me recover $8.5M in injuries."  

-Danny Turney