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Dangerous or Defective Products

Have you been injured by a dangerous or defective product?


Curtis Law Group has represented hundreds of clients around the country who have been injured by a dangerous or a defective product.  Our team has sued auto manufacturers, medical device makers, commercial tool and equipment manufacturers, exercise equipment companies, household product makers and dozens of other corporations.  We have litigated cases in nearly every state, and many appellate courts across the country.  We have the resources, the experience and the skills to hold the company responsible for the harms and injuries you have suffered from their dangerous or defective product.

Request a FREE consultation NOW.  We don’t get paid until YOU get paid.  Curtis Law Group serves clients nationwide and we win cases.  To discuss the harm a dangerous or defective product may have caused you and your family, call us toll free at 800.890.7449.  You may also contact us by email now for prompt attention to your questions.


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Curtis Law Group will review your potential case with you, and we use a written contract to confirm the terms of our representation of you.